Jufan JFS-04U Sensor Magnetic Switch (Made in Taiwan)

Jufan 君帆 JFS-04U Sensor (台灣制造)

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Magnetic switches for a whole variety of Jufan cylinders. Pneumatic cylinders use sensors to detect the position of the piston of a (linear) actuator. The switch is intended for (but not limited to):

  • Jufan DR Dual Rod Cylidners
  • Jufan RT Rotary Cylinders
  • Jufan JI Compact Cylinders
  • Jufan FG Slide Units
  • Jufan TGC Three-roded guided cylinders
  • Jufan MGC Multi-Port GUided Cylinders
  • Jufan CLP Grippers

We have all the Jufan switches. Please get in touch, if you are seeking one that is not listed.

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