API C120818 Rapid Fittings (鍍鎳黃銅) (意大利制造)

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API Rapid fittings series C
In nickel plated brass

MPN 021037 , TubeØ8-6 x 1/8"BSP Stud

Technical Specifications

Fluid Compressed air
Pressure range Nominal pressure of fittings is always higher than tubes max one
Temperature range -20℃ ÷ +90℃
Parallel threads UNI-ISO 228/1 (BSP)
Taper threads UNI-ISO 7/1 (BSPT)
Metric threads ISO R/262
Connection tubes Calibrated nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane and rilsan
Tube tolerances from Ø4 mm to 10mm: ±0,05mm 
   Ø12mm and 15mm : ±0,1mm

Body and nut: Nickel plated brass
Seals: O-ring in nitrile rubber (NBR) where provided
Washers: In acetal resin where provided

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